Men, Emotions, Therapy

I’ve had my fair share of people avoiding therapy when they need it. And I don’t just mean just men, I mean anyone avoiding it. Mental health is incredibly stigmatized for everyone. You are either crazy, weird, lame, insane, etc if you are mentally unstable. Men’s mental health stats in particular are alarming. Men commitContinue reading “Men, Emotions, Therapy”


  Every single person deserves to live a life full of pleasure and joy. Regardless of your skin color, your sexual health and overall wellness should be celebrated and supported, always. It’s important to remember self care as we fight and that pleasure and joy are also forms of resistance. We are all worthy ofContinue reading “6 BLACK-OWNED PLEASURE BRANDS”

Top 5 Hottest Toys Right Now

It’s called self love, treating yourself, accomplishing a goal, or in this case: boredom. I’ve become a little bit obsessed with toys and I don’t feel bad about it at all. I will feel bad when I get that credit card statement though. I’ve been waking up and anxiously running to the mailbox before myContinue reading “Top 5 Hottest Toys Right Now”

We Got Options Ladies – Birth Control 101

I read a statistic that half of women feel like they didn’t get adequate education about birth control. This doesn’t surprise me. Sex education doesn’t give much info on methods, insurance coverage, the effectiveness, or the risks. There are tons of methods and it can be a process finding the right one. If we educateContinue reading “We Got Options Ladies – Birth Control 101”

7 At Home Ideas to Release Your Horniness

Let’s face it, we aren’t all cooking the new banana loaf recipe or watching YouTube workout tutorials. Most of us are inside horny and don’t know how many more times we can use a vibrator or our hands to get the job done. I’ve seriously considered buying 5 new toys just because. While masturbating isContinue reading “7 At Home Ideas to Release Your Horniness”

Coronavirus: How will we have sex?!

I think we have all read enough about how to wash your hands, toilet paper re-stocks, and where to get hand sanitizer. While these are all important things to know we are missing an important conversation: sex & dating. Sure, we know how long to wash our hands now, (don’t know why that took soContinue reading “Coronavirus: How will we have sex?!”


Dirty talk. It’s an interesting concept because there is in fact nothing “dirty” about the act. It’s normal, fun, common, and can actually increase your sexual satisfaction. Dirty talk is simply being comfortable & confident with expressing your sexual needs. In other words, it’s just communicating what feels good, what you want, and how youContinue reading “THE “DIRTY TALK” GUIDE”